Sunday, September 28, 2008


Last weekend our good friend Shelly came all the way from Charlottesville to spend five days here in baby land - and we can't believe she wanted to spend her vacation days and frequent flier miles just to see us! We put her right to work after she arrived, and she jumped right in with no hesitations (with the exception of changing diapers - but who can blame her on that one!). This picture is from her first day here - she and Willa hit it off immediately.

On Friday, she and I ventured out with the babies to the Hill Country Galleria, a new outdoor mall near us, and she was a great sport, pushing our ridiculously huge stroller and letting me get some shopping done. At least ten people told her how great she looked for just having given birth to triplets! For lunch, we actually fit the stroller into Panera Bread, although we took up an entire wing of the restaurant. I was a little nervous about taking the babies to a restaurant for the first time, but they slept through the entire experience.

On Saturday we took the entire crew to the park to watch Evan's very first soccer game. I have no idea if his team won or not - nobody could keep track of the score. Evan, however, was awesome, and scored the first goal of the game. He was so excited, and raced to the sideline to John to give him a high five with the biggest smile. I was so proud.

On her last day here, we ventured to Whole Foods downtown (anyone who knows Shelly knows that this was an essential trip). They had a massive display of pumpkins and squash just outside the front doors, so we posed the triplets for pictures (here is Shelly holding Willa). As we were putting Willa back in the stroller, a man approached us and asked if we were taking pictures. We thought for sure we were in trouble, because the last time Shelly and Leigh Ann came here they got kicked out of the store for taking pictures inside - apparently that is a big no-no here in the flagship store! But instead he asked if he could take a picture of me, taking a picture of the babies, in front of his display - they loved the fact that families were taking portraits here. So, keep an eye on Whole Foods marketing this fall - maybe you'll see us in a future ad.

It was so great to have her here with us - she was such a natural with the babies (I won't describe what happened when she finally broke down and changed a dirty diaper, but it wasn't pretty). We miss you, Shelly!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Action Shots

Here are a few action shots from this morning:

Three in row


Willla up close


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today, the kids had their two month well visit with Dr. Getman. They did exceptionally well, with minimal crying, despite getting three shots a piece! You won't believe how much they weigh now:

Weight - 10 pounds 6 ounces (!!) - puts her in the 50th percentile
Length - 23 inches - puts her in the 75th percentile

Basically, she is right where a full term baby would be at 2 months - amazing!

Weight - 8 pounds 6 ounces - 5/10th percentile
Length - 21 inches - 5/10th percentile

Weight - 8 pounds 9 ounces
Length - 20.5 inches

Apparently boys are judged differently than girls (go figure) so little Oliver is not yet on the charts, but he is close.

Here is a great picture of Willa - post shots.

Their next dr. appointment is at four months.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Soccer Time

Now that Evan has turned four, he is old enough to play on a soccer team - so we signed him up for the neighborhood league. He had his first practice this week, and, according to John, is quite the soccer stud. His team's name is St. Louis - he's wearing his new uniform in the pic above. At the beginning of practice, the coach gathered the players together (there are six kids total - they play three on three with no goalie), and asked each kid what they know about soccer. Evan's response was "I'm really good!" That's our boy.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Two Months Old

The babies turned two months old on Wednesday - here are a few pictures from that day:



Oliver, Kate and Willa on playmat

Kate asleep

Oliver asleep

Willa asleep

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Kate slept through the night! Kate slept through the night! Woo hoo!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last week we finally broke down and emerged from our baby cave. With Gram and Pops in tow, along with big brother Evan, we headed to the mall with the babies. This marked the introduction of our Triple Decker stroller, otherwise known as "the bus." (Options for triplet strollers are quite limited - we picked this one up at our local Moms of Multiples twice yearly sale).

John and I were both a little nervous. We've heard all of the horror stories about the attention we would be attracting - strangers trying to touch the babies, ridiculous comments, and so forth. So, we were pleasantly surprised at how well things went. There was a lot of pointing and staring, a few "oh my Gods," but most reactions were complimentary. Only one man jumped in front of us with his hand out to stop us so he could peek. The only time the babies cried was when Mom and I stopped into a store and left them alone with John. We timed the whole trip in between feedings, and made it home again before they were starving. Overall a success.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Eight Weeks Old

I have to say July 10th seems like forever ago. Have they only been home a month? I can’t imagine life without them.

Kate is still our biggest by far. She currently weighs almost 10 pounds! That’s more than double her birth weight of 4 pounds 1 ounce. She is a very happy and good natured baby except when she is hungry, and then she is fierce!

Oliver is our laid-back little guy. Nothing upsets him too much, and he is easily consoled. And when something bothers him, he has this pitiful, whimpery little cry that is a distinct contrast from Kate’s screeching, feeding-time wails. I call him my little doodlebug, because he reminds me of one of those rolly-pollies that curl up when you touch them. Oliver does the same thing. He was our biggest at birth, weighing 4 pounds 7 ounces, but is now second at eight pounds.

And finally, Willa. Willa is a character. She is by far the loudest and will complain when anything does not suit her. But she is also the most alert and expressive, and loves to be out of her crib so she can check out the world. She is feisty, but cool. She was the smallest at birth, only three pounds seven ounces, but eats more than Oliver and now weighs in at nearly 8 pounds.

Oh my God, You Poor Thing!

The number one response we received when we told people we were expecting triplets!