Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last week we finally broke down and emerged from our baby cave. With Gram and Pops in tow, along with big brother Evan, we headed to the mall with the babies. This marked the introduction of our Triple Decker stroller, otherwise known as "the bus." (Options for triplet strollers are quite limited - we picked this one up at our local Moms of Multiples twice yearly sale).

John and I were both a little nervous. We've heard all of the horror stories about the attention we would be attracting - strangers trying to touch the babies, ridiculous comments, and so forth. So, we were pleasantly surprised at how well things went. There was a lot of pointing and staring, a few "oh my Gods," but most reactions were complimentary. Only one man jumped in front of us with his hand out to stop us so he could peek. The only time the babies cried was when Mom and I stopped into a store and left them alone with John. We timed the whole trip in between feedings, and made it home again before they were starving. Overall a success.

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