Sunday, September 28, 2008


Last weekend our good friend Shelly came all the way from Charlottesville to spend five days here in baby land - and we can't believe she wanted to spend her vacation days and frequent flier miles just to see us! We put her right to work after she arrived, and she jumped right in with no hesitations (with the exception of changing diapers - but who can blame her on that one!). This picture is from her first day here - she and Willa hit it off immediately.

On Friday, she and I ventured out with the babies to the Hill Country Galleria, a new outdoor mall near us, and she was a great sport, pushing our ridiculously huge stroller and letting me get some shopping done. At least ten people told her how great she looked for just having given birth to triplets! For lunch, we actually fit the stroller into Panera Bread, although we took up an entire wing of the restaurant. I was a little nervous about taking the babies to a restaurant for the first time, but they slept through the entire experience.

On Saturday we took the entire crew to the park to watch Evan's very first soccer game. I have no idea if his team won or not - nobody could keep track of the score. Evan, however, was awesome, and scored the first goal of the game. He was so excited, and raced to the sideline to John to give him a high five with the biggest smile. I was so proud.

On her last day here, we ventured to Whole Foods downtown (anyone who knows Shelly knows that this was an essential trip). They had a massive display of pumpkins and squash just outside the front doors, so we posed the triplets for pictures (here is Shelly holding Willa). As we were putting Willa back in the stroller, a man approached us and asked if we were taking pictures. We thought for sure we were in trouble, because the last time Shelly and Leigh Ann came here they got kicked out of the store for taking pictures inside - apparently that is a big no-no here in the flagship store! But instead he asked if he could take a picture of me, taking a picture of the babies, in front of his display - they loved the fact that families were taking portraits here. So, keep an eye on Whole Foods marketing this fall - maybe you'll see us in a future ad.

It was so great to have her here with us - she was such a natural with the babies (I won't describe what happened when she finally broke down and changed a dirty diaper, but it wasn't pretty). We miss you, Shelly!

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