Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 2 Without the Nanny

Well, we had another successful night. Last night, we fed them around 7 pm and put them to bed in the nursery - Oliver in one crib and the girls in another. We thought we were in for it when Willa woke up and made noise around 12 or so, but we gave her a paci several times, and she slept again until 3 - a nice 8 hour stretch and a big step for her. I went ahead and fed Oliver and Kate at 3:30, although I think they could have stretched it a bit more. They all slept until about 7 this morning - back on schedule.

I work hard to keep the kids on a regular schedule every day, with designated awake and nap times, and it seems like they have been sleeping better since we started this. Here is a typical day:

7-7:30 Kids wake up - are changed
7-8 Breakfast
8-9 Playtime, in boppies, or on playmat on floor - anything to keep them awake for
9-10 Walk with Mom around the neighborhood/to the park
10-11 Back home for morning nap - sometimes in crib downstairs, sometimes in swings
11-12 Wake up and eat
12-1 Playtime on floor or in bouncy seats
1-3 Afternoon nap
3-4 Wake up and eat
4-6 Try to keep these guys awake - John comes home and trades off with me; I pick
up Evan from Preschool - chaos usually follows as everyone wants attention!
6-7 Babies are on their own in their favorite spots - if they sleep, they sleep, but we don't
officially put them down at this point. John, Evan and I play/eat dinner
7-8 Babies eat; Evan gets bath
8 Bedtime for all kids in their respective rooms
2-3 am Willa is usually the first to wake up - we try to stretch her to at least 2 am, a seven
hour stretch; we feed all three, then put them back down.
7 am We start all over again!

So there you have it - life with 12 -week old triplets in a nutshell. Weekends of course are a little different, but we try to keep to it as much as possible.

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