Friday, October 31, 2008

Great Week

I have hesitated to post this, for fear of jinxing everything, but it has been four nights in a row now and optimism is getting the better of me. All THREE of our babies are sleeping through the night. I mean we put them to bed at 8, and we don't hear a peep (yes, I mean Willa too!) until at least 6 am. It just happened, all of a sudden, without anything different from us. Willa usually wakes up around 6, and the other two sleep until 8 or 8:30. So night time feedings are completely gone now, and they are down to four bottles a day. This is very cool.

I have a couple of pictures for you. The first is of the two girls in their cute outfits (I think I'm really going to have fun dressing girls!).

The second is of Oliver and Willa in their Bumpo seats. They are just barely able to sit up in them. Kate can't do it yet - her head is too big and she can't hold it up!

Today promises to be a big, crazy, sugar-high day in our household. I promise to post Halloween pictures soon (yes, we have costumes for everybody!)

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