Friday, October 10, 2008

New Weights and More Shots

Yesterday we took the kids to the doctor for their Synergis shots, a vaccine for RSV. RSV is very common in the winter - most kids who get RSV experience it as a slight cold. For preemie babies, however, it can be dangerous. Because our guys were born with premature lungs, they may not yet be able to produce the antibodies needed to fight off respiratory viruses. A bad case of RSV can put them in the hospital, or worse. We just discovered that our insurance covers the Synergis shots, which are very expensive - so they will be getting one shot each month through March. Hopefully, this will keep them healthy.

So, please understand if we ask you not to stop by and see us if you or anyone in your household has been sick lately, even if it's just a case of the sniffles. And, don't take it personally if we ask you to wash your hands when you do come by. We can't be too careful.

Here are the kids showing off their band aids:

We did have a weight check yesterday. Here are their current weights:

Kate - 11 pounds 9 ounces
Oliver - 10 pounds
Willa - 10 pounds

Willa has finally caught up. I was expecting her to be bigger than Oliver, actually - she just feels heavier.

Oh, and an update on the sleep situation. Last night, Day 4 without the nanny, Willa slept 6 hours (I think she can do better, but I was too tired to push her last night), Oliver made it 8 hours, and Kate slept for an impressive 10 hours (!) - way to go Kate! Instead of feeding all of them at the same time, we decided to see how long each would last. It was exhausting, but encouraging at the same time.


Nichelle said...

Hey now that I have your blog I can stalk it! LOL Its really cool to see their progress compared to my trio. Its basically the same! Sleep/weights! Too funny! I do want to have the RSV shots, but they are not covered under are current insurance, It is under mine. So when I go back to work... it may be to late for the shots?!

Shelly said...

When I saw Oliver's picture at the top, I wanted to hop on a plane. I can't believe he and Willa are ten pounds each. And, that they are sleeping longer through the night.

Great news too, about insurance coverage.