Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleep, updated

Just an update on our first week of sleep training. After eight nights without our night nanny, we feel that we've made great progress. All of the kids are now going 8-10 hours before eating - so if we feed them around 7:30 - 8 pm, we usually don't have to feed them again until at least 4, sometimes 5 or 5:30. Not bad. Notice, though, that I did not say they are "sleeping" for 8-10 hours. Oh, no. Willa is the primary reason that John and I are not yet sleeping through the night. She wakes up almost every night around 1 or 2 and fusses for an hour before going back to sleep. She's not hungry, just fussy. We think she is doing it out of habit, and we are trying to get her over this hump with a modified crying it out process. I am not opposed to CIO by any means, it is what eventually worked with their big brother, but I am afraid if we let her cry too long, she will wake the others up, and they will feed upon each others' angst. Right now we let her cry about 5 minutes, then go in and give her a paci. After doing this a few times, she will usually fall back to sleep. Every now and then Kate or Oliver will need a paci, but most nights they sleep right through. They are much better at soothing themselves back to sleep.

I think Willa could really benefit with more extended CIO, but I don't yet know how to balance it with keeping the other two asleep. I don't really want to move her to another room - I want her to learn to sleep in the nursery, in her own bed. It's a tricky situation.

John and I used to take four hour shifts, but now nothing happens in the first four hours, so he gets up with Willa (because he has no trouble falling back to sleep immediately after) and I get up with Oliver and Kate (because it takes me forever to fall asleep, and I need one long stretch or I'll be awake all night). So far it works.

Our nanny is back now, but we are going to gradually wean ourselves off of her - she is a luxury now rather than a necessity. Three nights this week, then two next week, and probably two nights the last week of October, and then we are on our own. I think we can do it.

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Shelly said...

Wow, congratulations on kicking the 10:00/30 feedings. I know it must be frustrating to still get up at 0-dark hundred but what an improvement!