Monday, November 17, 2008

Soccer Star

Well, soccer season is officially over, and although they didn't win the end of season tournament, Evan's team did finish the regular season undefeated. John and I were so incredibly proud of him. And not just because he was so good (and he was! parental bias aside), but because of how he played - with such spirit and joy. Evan was the fastest player on his team, and usually the fastest one on the field - everyone commented on it. He was really good at defense and could chase down any ball. He was very aggressive, and would get in there and fight for the ball, never giving up and more often than not coming out with it. And he scored a lot of goals - I think his record in one game was five - and every time he did he would come running over to find me and John and give us a hug, a huge smile on his face. But he was also very generous, and would step back and let one of his teammates take over the ball so they could have a chance to score. And he was always happy for his teammates when they did well. Those were the proudest moments for me.

One of the nicest things about this league is that they give trophies out to everyone who participated. Here is a picture of Evan with his:

We can't wait for next season.

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