Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas from all of us!

Merry Christmas to all of you, from the six of us!

Christmas this year was all about Evan. It is impossible to have a bad Christmas with a four year old who believes in Santa, and really gets it for the first time. Evan's wish list this year had a single theme - Star Wars. We just recently introduced him to Star Wars (yes, we are sadly neglectful parents!) and it is all he ever talks about. He was not disappointed.

Santa brought him three (!) light sabers (one for him, one for Mom, and one for Dad, of course), Star Wars action figures, Star Wars books, Star Wars costumes, a Star Wars space ship, Star Wars pajamas, and even Star Wars underwear.

Here he is in full Darth Vader gear, with his mean, bad guy face.

And here he is taking a break in the sleeping bag that Gram gave him.

We didn't get the babies too much, mainly clothes and these cute hats. Here are Kate and Oliver trying on theirs.

After a long day fighting with light sabers, we were all pretty darn tired. A few of us passed out right in the middle of things.


Do the babies look thrilled, or what?

We hope you have all had a warm and wonderful holiday.

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Martinez Family said...

What a super cute family pic of y'all. Evan is still the little ham that I remember, and the babies all look like rollie-pollies! -and that's a good thing!