Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eight Months Old

The babies turn eight months old today.  As you can see, they are much more active than they used to be.

I love this picture - there is so much going on.  I caught Willa in one of her rare smiles.  She loves to reach out and touch things, and observe.  Kate is sitting up on her own, doing her own thing, and has just spit up, hence the dribble on her chin.  She is clearly still our best eater.  And Oliver is just staring up with that in awe - deer in the headlights look of his.

All of the babies are sitting pretty well with support.  Kate can sit on her own for about a minute until she topples sideways.  Willa is our best sitter, though, she sits up all prim and proper.  All three have found ways to move around on the floor.  Oliver likes to lay on his back and dig his heels in, pushing himself forward across the floor.  Willa flops her legs back and forth and sort of wiggles across the room on her back.  And Kate loves to be on her tummy.  She can roll anywhere she wants to go, but is SO close to crawling.  She can get up on her knees, but hasn't figured out how to push up with her arms, so she reaches forward and grabs the rug, trying to pull herself around.  I expect her to figure things out any day now.

And, the babies seem to love Daylight Savings time - they are still in bed by 8, but now sleep until 8 or 8:30.  Needless to say, I am loving that too!

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