Friday, March 13, 2009

Kate is officially a big girl

We went to the doctor yesterday for RSV shots, and Kate now officially weighs a whopping 20 pounds!  That means she has gained a pound and a half in one month.  What can I say - she likes to eat.  

As of this week, she is also crawling!  It is more of a military style crawl on her knees and elbows, but it counts, it moves her forward.  She is now into everything.  Unfortunately (for Missy and Molly), she is very drawn to the dogs.  I pulled her off of Molly's bed yesterday and she was covered in black dog hair.  The next minute I turned around, and she was all the way across the room playing in Missy's dog food.  Oh boy, time to baby proof the house!

Oh, and she likes to take toys away from her siblings.  Here she is going after one of Willa's.

The bad news is that the babies are so big now they each required two RSV shots to get the full dose.  The good news is that this was the last round of shots - RSV season is considered over later this month!  Yeah!

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