Sunday, March 22, 2009

Their first SXSW

Well, we decided to be brave and take all of the kids to their first South by Southwest event.  On Saturday, they had a free children's showcase downtown at Auditorium Shores (can you see the stage in the background?)  It was a beautiful day, and we tried out our jogging stroller for the first time.  They need to grow into it a little bit more, but they did great!    They lasted for a full two and a half hours before all three suddenly started screaming and it was time to go home.

We got to see Joe McDermott, who is one of Evan's favorites, but we had to leave just before the Biscuit Brothers came on.  In consolation, Evan was able to meet and talk with one of the Biscuits, Buford I believe, and he thought that was really cool.

Here are all three in their floppy sun hats (which they hate!).  Oliver smiled the whole time, and really seemed to love being outside.  Willa wasn't too happy to be stuck in the stroller, but cheered up when we pulled her out.  And Kate was oblivious to everything going on around her - she just sat there happily chewing on anything she could grab.  

We attracted a lot of attention, but not nearly as much as we get with the "long" stroller.  I'm getting tired of being such a spectacle everywhere we go.  Everyone around us kept watching us - we started to feel like they were just gleefully waiting for a meltdown, like NASCAR fans waiting for a car crash.  

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