Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Long, Long Weekend

All three babies have colds, which made for a very long weekend around here. It started with Oliver, who came down with a runny nose and watery eyes on Thursday, then moved onto Kate on Friday, and finally to Willa on Sunday. Oliver was unconsolably miserable on Saturday, so we took him into the doctor, and found out he has an ear infection. Poor guy - he was so pitiful. And, all three also had an eye infection - with yellow crusty goop in their eyes, causing their lids to glue shut anytime they slept. Oliver is doing much better now, after several days of antibiotics and eye drops, and Kate seems to be on the mend today as well. Willa, however, has just reached her peak of miserableness, which is doubled by the fact that she has her first tooth breaking through.

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