Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Play time

Playtime with the babies tends to follow a particular pattern. Kate is definitely the leader of the pack. She knows where trouble is, and heads to it every chance she gets.

Oliver has become a very fast crawler, and loves to follow her any where she goes. He keeps up pretty well.

They constantly take toys from each other, but occasionally they cooperate, like tonight when I found them reading a book together. Future co-conspirators I think.

Willa, on the other hand, seems to have no interest at all in crawling and has made very little progress in that category. She is perfectly happy to sit on her own and play. Her favorite thing to do is to pull toys out of a basket and throw them over her shoulder. She is definitely her own person.

Of course, they adore their big brother, and are superbly happy whenever he deigns to give them attention.

Thank God they get along - for now at least.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Soccer Star

As you may have heard, Evan attended soccer camp all last week. Monday through Friday, three hours every morning, nothing but soccer fun. He had a blast, and did a terrific job. He was the youngest one there, and the shortest by about three inches, and I was nervous at first that he wouldn't be able to keep up. Silly me. He was the fastest one in the 5-6 age group, and was one of the best players. Each of his coaches told me how impressed they were with him, how he was so far beyond where a five year old should be, and how he is going to be a really great soccer player some day. They gave him the MVP award for the 5--6 group, and he was so proud. It was good for him to play against boys who could keep up with him for a change, and we came away with some good ideas of how to work with him this summer. And, it was quite a vacation for me. My mom came down to watch the babies so that I could take Evan every morning, so I got to spend 3 hours every day sitting under a tree in the shade reading my book. When will I ever get to do that again!

Here are some highlights:

Look how much bigger those kids are ...

warming up
(Evan is the one in the middle with his legs spread!)

At the end of the day - tired but happy

It's a major award
(yes he does need a hair cut! Soon...)

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I'm sorry I have fallen behind in my blogging duties this week. We have been mighty busy. We spent last weekend in Dallas, then had a whole week of soccer camp and swimming lessons, so there has been little free time.

I will have a soccer camp update with pictures soon, but for now want to share some pretty cute pictures of the kids hanging outside at Gramma and Epaw's house last weekend. We had a really good visit (although I can't say they were the best travelers this time!) and were able to see just about every relative of John's within a four hour radius. For most, it was the first time to meet the babies, and they loved being in the limelight.

Monday, June 8, 2009

First Swim

Yesterday we got our nerve up - inspired by the heat, I think - and took all four kids to the neighborhood pool. This was our first trip to the pool with the babies. I was pretty sure they would like it, as they really love to splash in the bath, but you never know. We bought some blow-up floats for them to ride around in, and they loved it! They were surprisingly mellow, though - even our crazy Kate, something soothing about the float, I guess. We kept them in the baby pool, and they just rode around the edge of the pool, pushed along by the water jets, while I sat in the middle and watched, and John played with Evan in the big pool nearby. We only had one near panic when Oliver decided to stick his face in the water and breath in, but he was fine after a minute and anxious to try again. All kids slept very well last night!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Trick

Here is Kate performing her newest trick:

Yes, she can now climb the stairs. She made it all the way to the top the other day. Now we really have to watch her like a hawk. Time to pull the baby gates out, I guess.

As an extra, here is a good shot of Willa, watching all the action: