Monday, June 8, 2009

First Swim

Yesterday we got our nerve up - inspired by the heat, I think - and took all four kids to the neighborhood pool. This was our first trip to the pool with the babies. I was pretty sure they would like it, as they really love to splash in the bath, but you never know. We bought some blow-up floats for them to ride around in, and they loved it! They were surprisingly mellow, though - even our crazy Kate, something soothing about the float, I guess. We kept them in the baby pool, and they just rode around the edge of the pool, pushed along by the water jets, while I sat in the middle and watched, and John played with Evan in the big pool nearby. We only had one near panic when Oliver decided to stick his face in the water and breath in, but he was fine after a minute and anxious to try again. All kids slept very well last night!

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