Monday, July 20, 2009


We celebrated the babies' birthday this past weekend with a big bash at our house. The actual weekend of their birthday was my niece's birthday party up in Dallas, and we didn't want to compete. The babies were extremely well-behaved and seemed to enjoy all of the attention - except when it came time to sing "Happy Birthday," when they cried. They made a thorough mess of themselves with their cupcakes, and it took us two days to get all of the icing out of their hair. We put them in bed around 7:30, and the party continued in their honor until about midnight, with margaritas flowing freely (margaritas are very important in surviving the first year with triplets!)

We asked our guests, if they were inclined to bring a gift, to donate diapers, and we wound up with a great stash which should last us quite a while. Thank you everyone who came to help us celebrate, and to ALL of you who have helped us out this first year! So many of you donated supplies, brought us dinners, and kept Evan busy for us, among other nice things - we could not have done it without you!

Oliver checking out the new toys

Kate reading her birthday card

Willa opening her present

Me making cupcakes

Kate digging in - a little unsure

Willa covered in icing

Oliver playing with his food

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