Friday, July 24, 2009

Terrible Ones?

When Evan turned two, we braced ourselves, heeding all the warnings of friends and family about the "terrible twos." We were so pleasantly surprised when the twos passed so easily, and when the terrible threes hit, it really wasn't so bad. Some screaming fits when he didn't get his way, a few full out tantrums on the floor of Target, but nothing that the threat of a Time Out couldn't reign in.

In retrospect, it seems much milder than what Kate has been going through for the past week or so. Surely, she couldn't be having her terrible twos already, when she is just barely one? Right? Here are her symptoms: screaming and crying when she doesn't get something she wants, full blown tantrums on the floor, with kicking feet and head butting, whenever I put her down, hitting and pushing her siblings when they get in her way or try to play with something she is playing with. What do you think? Is it just a phase? Please say yes!

On the positive side of this newly found independence, she walked halfway across the room unassisted today - I predict that she'll be walking everywhere by next week!

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