Friday, August 28, 2009

Suriving Triplets ... Number 8

In my naivete, before the babies were born, I planned to color code everything. Each baby would have his own exclusive color, and all of their personal things would coordinate - bottles, blankets, pacifiers, etc. Then we could always tell which was whose. Needless to say, that plan lasted about half of a day after all three were home before I tossed it out the window.

With the color plan in mind, I bought blue, green, and pink pacifiers from several different brands, a whole basket of them. But they came home with the Soothies, which they used in the NICU, and have since refused to have anything to do with any other kind (anybody need a basket of pacifiers?). The problem with the Soothies is that they bounce like rubber balls when you drop them on our hardwood floors, and they never go where you expect them to, and most are never seen again. We've lost at least 20 of them in the nether regions of our house.

Wub-a-Nubs don't bounce. And, they are much easier for babies to grab and put back in their mouths. And you can clean them in the wash. And they are super cute. We are still using them, although green frog disappeared last month - (I'm pretty sure the dog ate it). You can order them from Amazon.


E. Merritt said...

Have you put the wubanubs in the wash? Does it melt the pacifier?

Ang said...

We wash them frequently in the washing machine with no problems - pacifier holds up fine!