Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

My oldest child started kindergarten this past week. It has been very hard for me to let go of him. We were very comfortable with his preschool - every teacher and staff member in the school knew who he was, who we were, what he can and cannot eat (he has celiac), and no one could get near him without passing quite a bit of scrutiny. Last Monday when we dropped him off, I felt as if we were setting him loose alone in the world, in a sea of strangers. No, I did not cry on that first day, but I have been very emotional and quick to tear up at the strangest moments ever since.

He, as usual, has been completely unfazed by the change. He was so excited to go to the "big boy school." It is right across the street from our neighborhood, so every morning his dad walks him over, and every afternoon the babies and I pick him up. He has no trouble at all getting up an hour earlier than he was used to all summer, although his dad and I are SUFFERING! John says goodbye to him at the front door of the school, and he walks to class by himself, puts his things away by himself, eats lunch in a cafeteria where he manages his food by himself (so far no gluten accidents!) ... he really is getting so big, as he likes to remind me constantly.

We are very happy with his teacher - she seems genuinely affectionate and personal with the kids, which is what Evan really needs. Aside from a couple of incidents of talking when he wasn't supposed to, and the fact that he was no where to be found that first day when I picked him up (another story!), things are going smoothly. I am excited for him.

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