Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Surviving Triplets - Number 6

We learned our lesson with our first child. You do NOT need every piece of baby equipment known to man! When Evan was born we had one of everything - we were clueless. I remember we were so intimidated by our first trip to Babies R Us that we had to turn around and leave after ten minutes - there were too many choices to make! We were scared.

This time around we were very selective. We already had one of everything, as we kept all of Evan's baby things. So, aside from cribs and car seats, there were only two items that we bought three of.

The first of these was the boppy pillow. And we definitely got our money's worth. Feeding newborn triplets is tricky business. As soon as they were old enough for us to prop up their bottles, we laid them on the boppies and fed them assembly line style on the couch. Here is a fuzzy iphone picture of the line:

We also used them for nap times, and a few nights early on (yes, the label says not to do this, but we did), so they could sleep with their heads slightly propped.

I know some folks prefer to use bouncy seats to feed their infants, but ours did not like the bouncies AT ALL. We used these pillows every day for the first year.

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