Monday, October 26, 2009

Surviving Triplets - Number Three

Here is another one that I swore I would never do (before I had kids!) and am only slightly embarrassed to admit to.

I know that many parents swear by Baby Einstein videos, and it's not because they make our kids smarter, but because they entertain, preoccupy, silence them! They worked on Evan when he was little, and we pulled them out for the triplets as well. Only, they weren't impressed by Baby Einstein. In our house now, Vegie Tails rules! All I have to do is start singing "if you like to talk to tomatoes ..." and they run (or crawl very quickly!) to the TV. I don't bring them out often. The key is to use them sparingly so they don't lose their power. But, nothing works better when you need 20 minutes to GET THINGS DONE!

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Nichelle said...

I hear ya! Mine love TV too and it lets me get stuff done!!
BTW did you know the Einstein dvds you can get a full refund for?? They DO not make them smarter, so i guess it was false advertising?!? You'll have to goggle it and look the info up! Its only 4 refunds per household