Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A few scenes from the holiday ...

It's Tony Romo ... oh no, wait, it's Evan in his new Cowboys uniform!

Willa looking pretty with Grandma

Oliver says "hey, I want one of these hats too!"

Kate in her red dress

The babies' new activity table - eventually it will move outside and be filled with water and sand, but for now works great with Evan's toy cars

John and Evan checking out Evan's new game (Lego Batman for Playstation 3!)

Oliver adored his Uncle Chris and played chase with him for two days

Me and Oliver watching the action

It wouldn't be Christmas without at least one picture of Pops asleep on the couch!

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Nichelle said...

We have that activity table and our trio LOVE it!! So enjoy:-) That is a GREAT gift!!