Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mamma, No!

So, I think I've written before how Kate has a tendency to be quite literal. A while back, I realized that I am the only one who ever works with her in pointing out people's names. If I ask her, "where's Dadda," she'll happily point to John and yell "Daddee!" (emphasis on the ee). She can point out Evan, Oliver, Willa, both of the dogs, and the cat. But, when you ask her, "where's mamma?" she'll point right to her own chest and repeat, "mamma." This is because I, as the only one who ever tries to point myself out, always point my finger to my chest when trying to demonstrate who mamma is. So she imitates me.

I have become increasingly frustrated with this, and have spent much effort in the past few weeks trying to correct her, usually saying a firm "No" whenever she points to herself and says mamma. So one day I asked her "where's mamma" and she looked right at me and said, "Nnnnoooo!" I mean, said it with feeling, shaking her head and pointing her finger at me (I don't know where she got that one!) So now she has a new favorite word. And if you want to hear her say it, don't ask her to say "No", just ask her where mamma is.

I think I give up. She'll figure it out when she wants to borrow the keys to the car, right?


JO said...

That is just sooo cute. Reminds me of when my older DS was little - he thought his name was "me" - lol

Very cute blog and adorable kids. My brother lives in Austin. You're in Austin, right?


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Hi...I just landed on your blog from the Multiples and More site. :)

I love this story! Our girls are almost 15 months old now, and they seem to be in a very similar stage. They can say / sign a long list of words, but they so rarely say "mama". I'm beginning to believe the homage that babies often say "dada" first because they have to call for him, but "mama" is always right there.


sonya228 said...

I was reading your blog when I saw this one. It made me think of Denise. Since my inlaws are here all week long, the triplets are very close to them. Denise calls me Gamma almost as often as she calls me mommy!