Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cooling off

Playing in the sprinklers at Grandma's house ...




Thursday, June 24, 2010

Playtime ...

Evan is at soccer camp this week, so the babies and I are keeping busy.

Puzzles ...

Hide and seek ...

Swordfighting ...

Carrying a basket around and around the house ... it's amazing how much fun this seems to be!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not so brave

OK, so I'm not that brave after all. After a week of not sleeping (and I mean NOT SLEEPING!) we broke down and bought two crib tents. So many people recommended them to us, and I have to say they are Brilliant! Not only can the girls no longer get out of bed, they can't drop their pacifiers, steal each others' blankets, or throw toys at each other. We are sleeping better than we did before all of this started.

The truth is, they almost seemed relieved that we took all of that freedom away from them. Toddlers really do need structure!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not toddler beds yet, please!

We hit another milestone with the triplets this week. We took a little road trip to see my parents over the weekend, something we hadn't done in quite a while. At my parents' house, we have pack and plays for the babies to sleep in. Well, this weekend they learned that they can climb out of them, at least the girls did. It made for very little sleep over the weekend, and I have several very pitiful pictures of the girls with their hands and faces up against the glass of the French doors in their bedroom, looking outside at us.

On our very first night back in our own home, Kate realized that if she can climb out of a pack and play, she can certainly escape her crib. We heard a piercing scream, and when John tore up the stairs and into their room, he found Kate out of her crib with her head wedged in between the girls' cribs, which are perpendicular to each other. Truly terrifying to think how bad that could have been - luckily she wasn't hurt, just scared.

Of course, John immediately pulled out his tools and turned the girls' cribs into toddler beds. They really are too young for this, as they are not yet "instructable," but there was no other choice. I think they enjoyed their freedom a little too much, and here is a picture of what I found when I entered their bedroom the next morning:

This is going to make for a long week!