Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day

Since Labor Day was a holiday for both John and Evan, we decided to have a special outing, just the three of us (yes, our nanny had to labor on labor day!).

We started out with coffee at one of our favorite spots on the lake -

Then on downtown to show Evan the University of Texas. No, we are not pressuring him already! This whole thing came up because we've been trying to explain to Evan the difference between college football and professional football, and why Colt McCoy is no longer playing for UT. He needed to see it for himself. So, we got to peek in the stadium so he could see the field, and he was pretty excited about that -

Next we stopped by the Texas Memorial Museum - most folks here have never heard of it, but it is a gem! With dinosaur bones and everything!

Finally, we topped the day off with lunch at the Brick Oven, which serves the best gluten free pizza -

You're probably wondering if, in the course of our university tour, we took Evan in to see any academics - classrooms, laboratories, maybe even the library. And the answer is (embarrasingly) no! But, he did inform us that on our next outing he would like to go to an art museum, because he really likes sculptures and paintings. Awesome!

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Anonymous said...

So cool! I love museums :)