Friday, September 24, 2010

Relax, already

I was reading Eat, Pray, Love last night, and I came to the part where she talks about going to Italy to learn how to experience pleasure. And she talks about how Americans don't know how to enjoy doing nothing - it's like we come pre-wired with this work ethic that won't let us waste a single minute.

This is so true, and something I have been struggling with lately. Now that school is back in session, and I have my nanny days back to myself again, I am finding it very hard to enjoy them. Now granted, I am still working part-time, and nanny days are also my work days. But I always try to do at least one fun thing for myself on these days, even if it is just stopping by my favorite coffee shop for a latte and a few minutes of chilling out. Only I can't just chill out. I'm too busy stressing about all the many things I should be doing instead of chilling out - because my to do list is very long.

Why is it so hard to enjoy doing nothing? Should we all just go to Italy for four months to figure this out? (Sounds nice, I must admit)

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Anonymous said...

Take it from one who knows exactly what you're talking about, Ang. You will enjoy and appreciate all that you have so much more if you simply declare a little "time out" for yourself!