Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feed Me

The triplets' new favorite thing to do at meal times is feed each other. It's a little messy, but pretty cute.

Finally, he goes back to school

Wednesday was the last day of winter break for Evan, and we spent it inside, trying to stay warm. After a week at home, we were running out of indoor activities to stay busy. The triplets, of course, think Evan's room is the coolest thing around, so Evan begrudgingly allowed them to play in his room with him all morning.

He decided to show Kate his trophy collection, and explained to her the stories behind each one ...

Thursday morning, once Evan was off to school and I was alone with the triplets, I was struck by how quiet the house was. You wouldn't think one extra child would make a difference when you already have three at home, but it does!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sick Day

On last Tuesday I had to keep Evan home from school with a fever. It was his first sick day, and the first time he's had a fever since he was a baby. I had to go searching through the cabinets to see if I had any children's medicine - I was so used to him never being sick I was totally unprepared!

He was fine the following day, but school was cancelled because of rolling blackouts. On Thursday, he had a two hour delay, and on Friday was home with a snow day. This week, he is off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because of teacher workshop days. Jeez, don't these kids ever go to school?? It's getting a little ridiculous.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day

We woke up this morning to our first snow of the year. We measured a little less than an inch of powder, which I know is barely considered a dusting in some parts of the country, but it was enough to shut down the city and all surrounding school districts for the day. We bundled up and headed outside as soon as the sun came up, so that we could play before it all melted away.

This was the triplets' first experience with snow. Willa took it very seriously, and trudged around staring at her feet and feeling it crunch beneath her step. Kate ran and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed it until she reached down to grab some snow and, gloveless, realized just how cold it was. Then she cried and begged to go in. Oliver just stood in place and looked very concerned - he enjoyed the snow best from inside, staring out through the window.