Friday, July 1, 2011

Make Me a Cake, Mamma

I told you about the success we've had with teaching two of the triplets how to pee in the potty. I didn't mention anything about trying #2 because, well, we hadn't tried it. We figured we would work on one thing at a time, so we really hadn't talked much about it with them. I simply mentioned that one day, when they finally went poop in the potty, I would bake them a cake.

Well, Sunday morning, Oliver came running out of the bathroom to tell us that he pooped in the potty. We celebrated appropriately and the triplets all yelled, "Oliver gets a cake!" I guess they remembered my comment. So Oliver and I made a special trip to the store to buy cake mix and icing, and I let him pick the colors. He asked for a black cake, so we went with chocolate.

I had a little trouble trying to decide what to write on the cake. Somehow, "way to poop in the potty" didn't sound very appetizing, so we wound up with:

The girls were very impressed with Oliver's special cake. He tried to keep it all to himself - we had to convince him to share.


Jennifer said...

What a cute idea! Gonna have to steal that idea if and when we progress to #2 in the potty! Thanks for sharing!

Jill and Mike said...

Oh my..what a great idea! I have one that is trained, the other one has no interest and another one that can do it, did it for two weeks, but back to wearing diapers. Bribe with it.