Friday, July 1, 2011

Yep, Another Cake!

Have I mentioned that Kate has a HUGE sweet tooth? It is so easy to bribe her!

The very same night that we ate Oliver's "special" cake, Kate decided to go too, so she could have her own cake. She did it all on her own, just like Oliver.

She had much more specific requests for her cake, though - she had obviously been thinking about it for awhile. Purple cake, purple icing, with a heart on top, and marshmallows. We had a little bit of crying when I told her we had to wait until morning, when the store was open again, before we could make it (tomorrow is a hard concept for a nearly 3 year old!), but she was so happy to go to the store with me the next day, and to help me stir the batter.

Now, how do I bribe Willa?

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